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CAricatures are seroius bizness. 

About Cliff

I spent 30 years as a Graphic Artist/Illustrator/Studio Manager

in the Los Angeles/Orange County area. And ten years ago I left my

profession to become a full-time Caricature Artist. Hooray!


My Style

I capture likeness and personality in a flattering manner.
I enjoy having fun and making people laugh while they are

being drawn.


You can be assured of a
professional and totally entertaining experience!


I currently manage the caricature artists and face painters at the

Los Angeles Zoo and The Aquarium of The Pacific in Long Beach, CA.

Eight years before that I managed the caricature artists at the Universal Studios Park for 2 years.

The past ten years I have drawn at numerous parties and events all over the South Bay. 

Caricatures/ Illustrations



Trade Shows

 Personalized Gifts